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Center of London

Travel across the Globe from the Centre of London

Choosing between competing attractions is an inevitable bullet for every London visitor to bite, for it is nearly impossible to fit in everything this kaleidoscopic metropolis has to offer on even the most extended holiday. However, the London Aquarium, nestled conveniently in the environs of Westminster, is not a must for every visit agenda on grounds of convenience, but because it offers value without parallel in terms of a lifelong affair with the maritime wonders of Planet Earth.

Even an astronaut cannot experience the dazzling spectacle of life under the oceans, which well-managed aquaria offer. Most cities have collections of fish, as indeed do some enthusiastic collectors and hobbyists. London, never a city to settle for the mediocre, has an aquarium which stands head and shoulders above its peers anywhere.

Who would visit London without setting aside times for the Thames, Big Ben, and the Eye? The historic County Hall building in which the London Aquarium is housed, is right on the path of the typical city tour and just a short walk from either the Waterloo or the Westminster stations of the tube network. That should not lure you in to planning any flash visit to this magnetic water-world, because the endless variety of things to see and do in this aquarium can play havoc with the rest of your London schedule!

The Pacific and Indian Oceans, a topical rain forest, and a mangrove, are some of the exotic habitats which the London Aquarium has created with amazing verve. You may be physically on the southern bank of the stately Thames, but the versatile wizards who run the place will have you virtually swimming through coral, watching sharks feed, and navigating blinding vegetation, to your heartís content.

No affair with the London Aquarium is a one day stand, because the lectures on ecology, and the extensive programs to conserve endangered species through breeding programs, develop serious relationships between casual visitors and the world of marine biology. Put the London Aquarium on the itinerary of your next London visit only if you have the courage to experiment with blind dates!

Everything has to come to an end, but it is best to conclude a visit to the London Aquarium with the delectable cuisine, spirits, and service from the Land of the Rising Sun, at the fine dining option on site. Downing fiery sake over some exquisite sushi or a satiating creation on a Japanese griddle, while gazing at the very British Houses of Parliament, is a fitting tribute to the spirit of London, which is cosmopolitan and traditional at the same time.